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Sri. Narendra Modi,
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Launching the Swarna Bharat –
Bharat Seva Centre Project
t seva
Sri. Chandrababu Naidu ,
Hon’ble Chief Minister of A.P Launching the Navyandhra -
Mana Seva Centre Project
Merchant Benefits

All India e-Commerce Companies/Vendors/Online Service Providers/Professionals

Mana Seva Online Service Centre which works at the ground level ensuring last mile delivery of all Online Services and Products to Ultimate Customer in record time with high quality of ethics and integrity.

We welcome all India e-Commerce Companies, Vendors, Online Service Providers, professionals to register themselves on our portal or send enquiry for enlisting

Merchant /Service Provider Benefits

  • Single registration for multiple vertical based entries on portal
  • Single registration and multiple visibility based on specialization
  • Continuous updates on product or Services campaigns launched periodically on the portal.
  • Special subsidized fees for product or services displays, demos, launch and activities at registered Mana Seva Centre with support staff on choice and payment basis can be booked online through central reservation system.
  • Complete marketing support on paid basis provided at the Mana Seva Centre locally.
  • All good customer experiences recorded voluntarily adding to their customer database and service loyalty.
  • Promotes services at special prices through portal, local manpower, schemes to reach out to maximum customers.
  • High possibility for quick growth and stable business subject to quality of services.